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Who is Rehab Systems and Coyote Design Orthotic and Prosthetic Technologies?


Rehab Systems specializes in custom orthotics and prosthetics. With its more than 50 years of experience in the field, Rehab can go beyond the normal O&P to ensure its’ patients are treated as individuals. Ultimately, we ensure that every patient is comfortable and able to participate in whatever activities they choose.

Rehab Systems works closely with its sister company Coyote Design to create new orthotic and prosthetic products and methods used throughout the country and world. This connection gives Rehab Systems access to advanced equipment and technology like computer aided design, rapid prototyping and custom manufacturing equipment.  This allows us to offer a higher level of service, comfort and performance than other orthotic and prosthetic providers. 

Developments Include:

A patented zero clearance lock mechanism for amputees with long limbs.

A patented suction lock mechanism that improves suspension. 

A patented elevated vacuum compatible lock that allows for even greater suspension and easy for the amputee to release. 

A patented bi valve AFO design that maximizes ankle control while allowing use of normal shoes. 

A patented socket design for below knee amputees. 

Tour of the new Boise Rehab Systems and Coyote Design facility.


All of these innovations came about because of the needs of Rehab Systems patients. 

Tom Whittaker meets Rehab Systems

Dale met Tom in 1979 shortly after Tom lost his foot in an accident. Tom Whittaker is the first amputee to summit Mt. Everest and was a Rehab Systems patient.

Tom summited Mt. Everest as a mountaineer not as a tourist. Meaning he hiked the whole way with limited support. Rehab Systems built four sockets for Tom, two technical climbing sockets and two trekking sockets.

Tom Whittaker’s inspiring story of climbing Mount Everest is in the book he wrote “Higher Purpose.”

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